Saturday, December 27, 2008

Major Causes of Obesity

Obesity is mainly the result of overeating and excess consumption of sweet and processed foods accompanied by the lack of adequate physical activity. An average healthy person generally takes food just enough to meet the requirements of his energy expenditure. As a result of this, his weight remains stable. But, for some reason, if this balance is lost, the weight no longer remains stable. The imbalance between the food intake and the energy expenditure is responsible for causing obesity. Let discuss in brief the major causes of obesity:

- Most of the experts hold the view that the genetic factors play role in developing obesity. On the other hand, some experts believe that a person inherits only the structure, and the role of genetic factor is limited only to the structure of the body and it does not extend to the obesity. Thereafter obesity develops depending upon factors like eating habits, way of life and environment.

- In modern society, some people eat not only to satisfy their hunger, but sometimes to enjoy and relish tasty dishes. This factor also plays an important role in causing obesity. It is a popular way to try to find an easy solution to serious problems and tensions of life through food. Sense of insecurity, depression and failure generate tendency to eat more and more.

- Malfunctioning of endocrine glands is rarely a cause of obesity. In cases of some children, Frohlich’s syndrome, a disorder of the pituitary gland causes obesity. Accumulation of fat is characteristic in such cases. It generally accumulates around chest and bottoms. Genital organs of such children remain underdeveloped.

- Sometimes, inadequate secretion of thyroid gland brings down the metabolism of fat and develops obesity.

- Cushing’s syndrome can also sometimes cause obesity in middle aged women. In this syndrome, fat accumulates on head, trunk and around neck; while arms and legs remain thin.

- Less secretion of testicular hormones can also sometimes cause obesity. In cases of such men, fat accumulates on their chest, buttocks and thighs. Sometimes, in case of women, disorders of ovarian secretions are also linked with obesity.

- Relation between obesity and hypo-secretion of the pancreas is very well known. Most of the diabetic patients are obese. It is significant that by reducing their weight such patients derive a lot of relief or can even reverse the disease.

Lack of physical exertion also plays crucial role in developing obesity. Fat people lack the necessary physical exertion. About 300 calories can be burnt even if a person walks only 3 miles a day. Thus, it is imperative that those who wish to succeed in their efforts to lose excess fat have to increase their physical activities.

- Sometimes, the weight gained during the pregnancy does not get reduced after delivery. In cases of some women, there is a weight gain at the time of menopause and thereafter.

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