Friday, January 23, 2009

Fat Loss Programs and Frequently Asked Questions

Once you start a fat loss program, there are various questions that may arise in your mind. Two very common questions that comes to almost every fat person who concerned about losing their extra fat are - In how many days will all my excess weight be reduced? In how many days will my body become proportionate?

There are some true facts that we all should know before proceeding to main topic. Many people do not care for their body for a number of years and allows fat to accumulate. Then suddenly, they get impatient and want to get rid of those layers of fat overnight. They are generally not interested in reducing 4 to 5 kg in a month. They want to achieve a miracle of reducing 8 to 10 kg in a month!

The first thing that we have to bear in mind is that we have to discard only the excess fat from our body and protect other useful cells of the body and not become a victim of malnutrition.

It is indeed very difficult to give an accurate estimate of the exact rate of weight-reduction. In some cases, in the beginning, the amount of water and fluids in the body goes down quickly and therefore it appears that the weight is reducing fast. But after 3 or 4 days the rate of weight-reduction decreases.

The balance of the mineral sodium in the body also affects the rate of weight-reduction. Generally the carbohydrates keep under check, the process of elimination of sodium from the body. During the course of dieting, as the carbohydrate intake decreases, the sodium begins to get eliminated from the body. Along with itself, sodium eliminates water from the body and consequently there is a weight loss. But afterwards when the elimination of sodium decreases, the rate of weight reduction also decreases.

In short, the high rate of fat loss in the beginning is illusive. It slows down afterwards. However, this slow rate is maintained afterwards.

We must bear in mind that fat has not to be reduced for some immediate or short term gain. Proper weight is a life time necessity and therefore maintaining the reduced weight is more important than the rate of reducing to weight.

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

How to Prevent Child Obesity?

Though obesity does not directly cause death but it’s the diseases caused by obesity like high blood pressure, cancer or diabetes that plays a crucial role in premature passing away of the obese people. The prevention of obesity is extremely important if we take into account the hazards and disadvantages associated with it. Here we will discuss some easy ways to prevent child obesity.

- The proper education of pregnant women is very important as generally they develop health awareness during pregnancy. If proper habits of eating and living are developed during this period, it is likely that they may continue for lifetime. And besides that afterwards their children may also imbibe them. Those babies who develop correct habits in their childhood are saved from obesity in their later life.

- There should be proper diet control during the first year of infant’s life. Generally the fat in the human body is in the form of independent adipose tissues. Usually fat cells are formed during the first year of an infant’s life, and their number does not increase afterwards. So, if an infant is overfed during the first year of its life, the number of fat cells exceeds the normal limit. Later on, fat gets deposited in these cells, eventually causing obesity. In other words, if the number of fat cells is not allowed to exceed normal limits, the chances of developing obesity are also reduced.

- The large intake of carbohydrates plays a crucial role in causing obesity. If an infant is not overfed with carbohydrates during the first year of his life, the possibility of his becoming obese later on are reduced almost nil. In short, do not let the child develop carbohydrate addiction. Right from the beginning, encourage him to cultivate the habit of taking proper and balanced diet.

- For a child, breastfeeding is very helpful in fighting against obesity. Several researches show those breasts fed babies are less obese than those fed on external milk.

- Always insist that your child should chew his food properly. His food should not be so soft that he can gulp it down his throat without making any effort to chew it.

- Sometimes, parents don’t let their children participate in sports or other physical activities. They are always afraid that their child will be hurt if he indulges in any such activity. This lack of activity may develop obesity in your child.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Why Fat Loss Programs Fail?

Sometimes we complain that our weight do not get reduced in spite of our sincere efforts. Also we say that our weight reduction stops beyond a certain limit. These are the common problems we face when we are on a fat loss program. Here we will discuss why such situations arises and what are the root factors behind them.

Failure in fat loss program doesn’t always mean that we have not put our best efforts in reducing our weight. There may be several other reasons behind the failure. Also many times when we consider it as a failure, a positive result is achieved but with some delay of time.

During the dietary regimen, we undergo a number of experiences. The rate of reduction is hardly ever constant or uniform. It varies from time to time. During the first 2-3 weeks, there is a rapid weight loss; but afterwards the rate of weight reduction slows down. This phase is known as the stagnation phase.

The initial rapid weight loss is due to the phenomenon of diuresis. But after certain amount of water is eliminated from the body, the rate of weight loss becomes extremely slow. During the phase of stagnation, salt and water retention occurs in the body. However after a few days, the process of diuresis commences on its own again and there is further reduction in the weight.

Generally most of the fat persons tend to overeat. They have a voracious appetite. During the dietary regimen, their appetite causes uneasiness and agony for them. Sometimes, psychological factors are responsible for such an appetite. Many a time fat persons violate their dietary regimen to satisfy their hunger.

The age old experience is that people are always over enthusiastic about any activity in the beginning but with the passage of time the enthusiasm cools down. This fact applies to the fat loss program also. Fat persons display great enthusiasm, care and anxiety in the beginning; but gradually their enthusiasm begins to decrease and dieting is relaxed. And consequently the rate of weight loss slows down.

In case of women, accumulation of water in the body 2-3 days prior to menstruation is normal. It is likely that during this period there may not be any weight loss. On the contrary, in some cases, there may be a slight weight gain. Women should always bear this fact in mind.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Precautions during Fat Loss Program

An ideal weight is like an insurance against various dreadful diseases that may occur if the body weight is not kept under control. Obesity welcomes many serious diseases including high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer. These diseases sometimes cause a person’s premature death. And that is the reason why it is essential that those who fall in this category should reduce their weight. If a person has a previous family history of high blood pressure or heart disease, it becomes all the more essential for him to reduce his weight.

Shedding of excess fat is a basic condition for maintaining the health of all those who are severely obese. It is advisable to undertake the weight reduction program cautiously or under proper medical care in the following circumstances:

1. Those patients who are suffering from peptic ulcers should get the ulcer treated first.
2. When the patient is suffering from some serious disease.
3. It is desirable that the treatment of obesity should not be launched (or launched under proper medical care) till a patient is cured, or relieved to some extent, from diseases like liver disorders, gout, cancer, high diabetes, etc.
4. Some people develop hypoglycemia soon after they start dieting. This trouble develops gradually. Its symptoms are profuse sweating, paleness of skin, numbness in hands and feet, rigors, acute hunger, strange sensations in the head, fast pulse rate, palpitation and unconsciousness. Such people should beware of the above mentioned symptoms. If such symptoms appear, they should increase the amount of carbohydrate intake in their food. Such symptoms also begin to disappear if a person takes a sweet drink. However, it must be borne in mind that such cases are very rare.
5. Those who are suffering from low blood pressure should reduce their weight carefully. They should not make haste. Such persons should go about carefully in the matters of low calorie diet and heavy exercises.
6. Patience is important while reducing weight in the old age.

Baring the above mentioned circumstances; there is no harm in launching a rigorous weight reduction program. In the above mentioned cases too, weight reduction would prove beneficial; though, it should be undertaken cautiously, patiently and under proper medical supervision.

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Natural Therapies for Fat Loss

There are several methods to achieve fat loss like dieting, workouts, supplements, natural therapies as well as surgeries. Surgeries for shedding extra fat are not very popular due to their high cost and complications. Fat again get deposited after some duration of time. So people prefer natural therapies as compared to surgeries. These natural therapies are not only safe but cost effective too. Here we will discuss two common natural therapies that are beneficially used for fat loss.

Magnet therapy for fat loss

In this therapy, magnets are used for curing a patient’s disease. Every magnet has two poles: North Pole and South Pole. When a magnet is tied to a string and suspended in the air, the end that points to the north is called the North Pole and the end that points to the south called South Pole. This is a universally accepted convention. Each pole has its own distinct characteristics. The South Pole is cold and it slow down various processes of the body. The North Pole is hot and it stimulates various processes of the body.

In the treatment of obesity, the characteristic of the North Pole, that it stimulates the processes of the body, is very useful. As we know, in a fat person’s body, metabolism is slow and consequently the food, instead of being burnt away, gets transformed into fat. If the process of burning away the food can be stimulated in some way, the obesity can be prevented or removed.

Metabolism of the body is directly related to the thyroid gland, which is located at the base of the throat, is stimulated with a North Pole, the basal metabolic rate goes up and the food is burnt in a larger quantity and that too faster. For this purpose, a fat person should keep the North Pole of a medium powered (1500 to 2000 gauss) magnet at the base of the throat for about 15 minutes. This should be done twice or thrice a day after meals.

Besides this, he should drink 3 to 4 times during the day, the water treated with the North Pole of the magnet. Each time the quantity of the water should be about half a cup.

Note: If a glass or a bottle filled with water is kept in constant contact with the North Pole of a magnet, at least for twelve hours, it becomes properly magnetized.

Massage therapy for fat loss

Massage is extensively used in the treatment of obesity and for removing the excess fat from particular parts of the body. It increases heat in the body and causes profuse perspiration. As a result of this, the basal metabolic rate goes up and health of the skin also improves.

A person who massages his body himself gets enough exercise and consequently his excess calories are consumed. Besides this, massage improves the health of the skin. While massaging, care should be taken to ensure that the flow of the blood going towards the heart should be assisted and not vice versa. For instance, while massaging the arm, pressure should be applied in the direction from wrist to the elbow, but not from the elbow to the wrist.

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