Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pregnancy Massage - How to Perform a Pregnancy Massage

Many women suffer from muscle and joint pains, aches, stiffness and tension during pregnancy. A gentle massage can often provide relief from problems such as backache, sleeplessness, edema, headaches and tension. In this article you will learn how to give a soothing massage to a pregnant woman.

During pregnancy the amount of aromatherapy oil you add to the carrier oil should be reduced by half because your body is much more sensitive to the oils when you are pregnant and better able to absorb them. Nevertheless, you will still receive an effective treatment, so don’t be tempted to add a few more drops just in case.

Pregnancy massage – A step by step guide

The aromatherapy massage is relaxing and helps alleviate tension which is often present during pregnancy. Make sure your partner is comfortable then begin. If your partner is more than four months’ pregnant she will find it uncomfortable to lie on her front. Instead, help her to lie on her side supported by a cushion or massage her back while she is in a sitting position with a cushion to lean on for support.

Pregnancy massage – Massaging the back

Gently apply your chosen oil to your partner’s back, shoulders and arms.

1. Stroke gently down the spine from the base of the neck to the lower back. Do this slowly and evenly and repeat, using alternate hands, twenty times.
2. With both hands, gently stroke down the sides of the neck, over the shoulders and down the arms, coming off at the hands. Repeat ten times.
3. With both hands, stroke gently up the spine, round the shoulder blades in a figure-of-eight then gently down the sides of the body. Repeat ten times.
4. Stroke across the back, starting from the lower back on the right hand side. Stroke in from the outside of the body towards the spine with alternate hands moving gently up the back towards the shoulders. Repeat several times on the right side; work on the left side in the same way.
5. Place one hand on your partner’s lower back, place your other hand on top and allow the heat from your hands to build up. This is very soothing to a sore back.
6. Repeat step 1.

Now work on your partner’s neck to ease tension.

1. Knead along from the outer shoulders towards the base of the neck. Repeat four or five times.
2. With your fingertips work in little circular movements from the base of the neck up to the base of the skull. Repeat four or five times.
3. Stroke down the sides of the neck and out to the shoulders, very slowly. Repeat five or six times.

Pregnancy massage – Massaging the tummy

Gently apply your chosen oil to your partner’s tummy.

1. Gently stroke down the tummy from between the breasts to the public bone. Repeat twenty times with alternate hands.
2. Gently circle around the tummy with the flat of your hand in a clockwise direction. Do not apply any pressure. Think of this as a way to soothe and calm your partner. Repeat five or six times.
3. Stroke in from the hip bone, using alternate hands, gradually moving up the body to the side of the chest. Repeat several times on each side.
4. This movement is helpful for an aching, tried back. Reach under your partner’s waist with both hands. Now slide them out from under her back, lifting gently as you do so. Bring your hands gently over her tummy. Repeat five or six times.
5. Repeat step 1.

This massage is mainly for relaxation and I would recommend that you try one of the following aromatherapy blends. Use six drops of aromatherapy oil to 4 fl oz (100 ml) of carrier oil.

1. Camomile and lavender
2. Frankincense and neroli
3. Ylang-ylang and sandalwood
4. Geranium and rose

Alternatively, use any of the above oils singly in carrier oil.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How to Maintain Proper Weight for Lifetime?

We feel very happy after shedding extra fat from our body but our happiness vanishes when our body regains the reduced weight. This may happen with anybody if proper care is not taken. Body regains its reduced weight due to several reasons. Here we will discuss why this occurs and what to do to maintain proper weight for lifetime.

Many people feel that inflation and recession of weight are alternate in their life. For some time there weight keeps on reducing. For a brief period, the reduced weight remains stable but after some time it once again starts increasing. In such cases, a detailed study of all the factors responsible for such a situation should be made.

In most of the cases, wherein the reduced weight starts increasing once again, it is the lack of will power that is responsible for that development. Generally a weight reduction program is launched with great enthusiasm; but with the passage of time, the enthusiasm begins to decrease; dietary restrictions are ignored one by one and consequently the weight starts increasing once again.

Below are some useful suggestions that will help to maintain the weight loss for lifetime:

1. Once your body weight is reduced and brought down to a desirable level, the food intake should be slightly increased. But it does not mean that it should be so increased that the weight starts increasing again.

2. After achieving your weight loss goal, it is necessary to weigh yourself once a week to ensure that your weight continues to remain stable. Every time weigh yourself in the same type of clothes and footwear, at the same time of the day, preferably in the morning after emptying your bowels and the urinary bladder.

3. Sometimes you fail to resist the temptation to eat and consume food rich in carbohydrate. Once this occurs, you begin to flout dietary restrictions one by one and as a result weight starts increasing once again. You should get rid of such habit as early as possible. You can go for a walk or make yourself busy in other activities when you feel the temptation to eat high calorie foods.

4. Sometimes psychological problems also contribute to regain the reduced weight. You generally try to suppress your feeling of agony, depressions, worry, anger, etc. by flying to food. This should not be done at any cost.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What to Do If the Rate of Weight Loss Is Too Slow?

Many times we find that our weight reduction rate is too slow in spite of all our efforts. Such a situation is very frustrating and disappointing. This may affect our sincerity towards our weight reduction program. At such a situation, we should bear in mind that it takes so many years for fat to deposit in our body so how we can get rid of those layers of fat overnight! Here in this article we will discuss what to do if the rate of weight loss is too slow.

Firstly enforce the dietary regimen strictly. The uneasiness caused by dieting is always short-term. In few days, the body gets used to the low intake of food and with that the uneasiness also disappears. If the dietary regimen is violated or interrupted frequently, the body can’t adjust to the low intake of food; or at least it takes a very long time to get used to it. A small sacrifice made at the initial stage yields great benefits in the long term. Having an ideal weight keeps us away from the risk of developing serious diseases in later life.

For 3 days, take a piece of paper and jot down all the food items that you happen to eat. Make a total of the calorific value of all the food items consumed by you during these days. You will be surprised when you see the number of calories consumed by you. Experiments have shown that many fat person derived inspiration from such a procedure of counting the calories. This will extremely help you in continuing your weight reduction program with the same enthusiasm.

If you are suffering from some psychological problem, try to find a rational solution for the same. In serious cases, psychotherapy or hypnosis can also help. Hypnosis can help a person who has psychological disorders or is unable to reduce weight due to his weakness to resist the temptation to eat.

However, if in spite of all these efforts, there is no weight loss, reduce the intake of salt, sugar and water. Take half a glass of warm water with a few drops of lemon added to it two or three times during the day.

If you continue to make efforts with patience and perseverance, there is no doubt that you will be able to reduce your weight.

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hypnotism and Fat Loss Program

Once you have decided to reduce your weight or burn extra fat, the first thing that generally comes in your mind is that you have now to start dieting. This is the very common thinking that comes to almost all the people who are concerned about losing their weight. But is dieting so simple? You will be surprised to know that about half of the people fail to follow diet plans at the initial stage of their fat loss program. Here will discuss the causes behind such failure and how we can deal with such situation.

Many of us try to seek, in food, a solution to our psychological problems or adversities of life. Also sometime we are not able to resist the temptation to eat tasty food in spite of the fact that we are fully aware that obesity is a dangerous disease. The treatment of obesity through hypnosis can be helpful in both the situation.

Many psychiatrists resort to hypnotism in the treatment of obesity. First of all, the psychiatrist takes the fat patient into a state of sub consciousness.

Thereafter, the person is given a post-hypnotic suggestion that after recovering from the consciousness his liking for sugar, biscuits, sweets, cake and other carbohydrates would disappear and subconscious mind of the patient grasps those suggestions. After recovering from the hypnotic state when he goes home, he finds that he has developed an aversion for the above-mentioned carbohydrate foods. He is, thus, able to exercise dietary control easily and that helps him in reducing his weight.

This process of giving post-hypnotic suggestion has to be repeated from time to time. As long as the effect of the suggestions lasts, the patient has no problem in dieting. However, if the effect of the suggestions becomes too intense, sometimes the patient may develop an aversion to food altogether and this might lead him to starvation. However, such a situation generally does not arise.

But, it is more desirable that the patient himself faces his problems and tries to solve them. Dieting under the hypnotic suggestions is a passive act and the patient has no active participation in it.

However, in rare cases, where a patient is suffering from a psychological disorder or is unable to reduce his weight due to his weakness to resist the temptation to eat, hypnosis can be employed under the care of a proper expert. And it is only the expert who can decide in which case hypnosis is necessary and in which case it is not necessary.

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