Saturday, March 14, 2009

South Beach Diet Program for Weight Loss

Diet plays a key role in weight loss but you should be conscious about choosing the right type of diet plan for you. Here you will find information on south beach diet plan.

South Beach Diet

The South Beach Diet runs in three phases.

Phase 1:

Normal quantities of meats, olive oil, lots of vegetables, cheese, nuts, etc
No carbohydrates for the first 15 days – this means no bread, pasta, rice or wheat, sugar, sweets, cookies, pastries, alcohol, and fruit!
The diet claims that one can lose about 4 to 6 kg in that time.

• Most of the supplement might be required to make that the body does not get deficient.
• A sudden decrease in carbohydrates, particularly sugar, alcohol and other high calorie foods, which are much a part of the Western diet, can, to some extent, explain weight loss.
• Piling on animal proteins and fats will only increase the risks of heart disease, cancer, etc.
• This can become monotonous if followed regularly.

Phase 1 comes with a vegetarian option as well – meats replaced with pulses, soya foods.

Phase 2:

Reintroduce carbohydrate foods but rather slow to prevent weight gain. Bread, pasta, rice, cereal, chocolate wine and fruit are brought into this phase. This phase lasts till the target weight is reached, which could be a long time. Weight loss expected is up to 1 kg a week, which sounds reasonable. However, if one gets stuck at a particular weight one needs to go back to phase 1 again!

Phase 2 might be more nutritionally balanced and requires patience to reach the target weight.

Phase 3:

Normal foods are allowed in normal quantities for maintenance of the lost weight. Yet, some foods that are higher on the glycerin index are not allowed in this phase also, and this is not based on fact. Changes have also been announced recently. Tomatoes, carrots and onions which were earlier restricted in the first two phases, are now allowed more freely.

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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Best Workout Program to Get Rock Hard Abs

Looking for the best workout program to get rock hard abs? Read the article and find out here. Burning fat and gaining muscle is likely the primary reason many people take up some type of cardiovascular training. Over 50% of the people who perform cardio in an attempt to burn fat are wasting their hours and hours of time! Most people are not performing the right type of cardio workouts.

Doing exercises is one thing and doing the correct exercises, the correct way, in the correct numbers, with the proper target set in the mind is another thing. Always follow the latter and benefits are bound to come.

If you combine exercise and simple changes in your nutrition you could easily lose more weight faster. You should keep in mind three important points while taking up any exercise regimen.

• You must do things that you will be able to stick with.
• It does not do any good to you to work hard to lose weight only to put it back on later. That’s why many diets do not work- they are not changes that you can stick to. The rule is just to concentrate on simple and easy changes. Changes that you can stick to that will make sense for your lifestyle.
• When such a concept is adopted and followed you find that with simple changes you will be able to lose weight and keep it off.

The largest amount of calories burning comes from your basic metabolism. To speed up the metabolism you need to choose the right workout program. While researching for the best workout program to get rock hard abs you will find a number of workout programs. It becomes very hard to select the one that meet your desired goal.

Remember you can’t get a ripped abs and muscle overnight. You need a complete comprehensive guide that will help you to shape your body in a healthier way. You have to strictly follow the rules and guidelines given in the program to succeed in your goal.

Exercise benefits are too many. But to get the full benefits you must know the correct way to exercise and how not to overdo it. Workout programs designed by fitness expert, health consultants and gym instructors can only give proper instruction and guidelines on how to get started. If you are really serious to get rock hard abs, here you will find some of the finest workout program to burn fat and get ripped six pack abs fast.

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