Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Practice Approach to Build Muscle Fast- How to Build Muscle Fast?

Do you want a fabulous toned muscle and ripped abs? Definitely yes! What you need is a practice approach to build muscle fast. Beware of fake products and supplements that claim to make you like Arnold Schwarzenegger in a week or within 10 days. It is really impossible.

For a serious bodybuilding, you need a complete guide on workout program on bodybuilding. You should have the knowledge of the right type of exercise and diet program to follow. No health drink can alone give you six pack abs. This article discusses some practical simple suggestions regarding diet and exercise.

• Participating in active sports can keep one fit
• Instead of making fitness criteria, many persons unconsciously reap the benefits of health and well-being by simply leading a physically active life.
• Any workout or sports must be done to develop stamina, strength and endurance.
• Eat right and feel fit
• Regular workouts including cardio, weights, etc., are fine. But playing cricket, half court basketball once a week, jogging for an hour three times a week are also equally benefiting.
• One can wear clothes that fit well, deliberately to know when one puts on weight!
• One can stick to seasonal fruits and fruit juices in the mornings. Lunch must be planned primarily with brown rice and steamed veggies. Dinner can be either fish or chicken. Never combine meats.
• Some individuals let themselves go once a week. They forego their strict diet once a week and indulge in heavy meals, rich foods, mixed meats but the rest of the days they are on strict diets and regular workout! But this ‘one day indulgence’ can’t be fine with everybody. Overweight individuals and ideals weight individuals must know their limitations. Nothing can be generalized and exceptions don’t prove the rule.
• There is no age limit to becoming fit.
• One must develop the right eating habits. Cooking must preferably be done in olive oil; less oil be used; veggies must never be overcooked; brown rice must be had instead of white rice; plenty of water must be taken and one must avoid mixing meats.

The workout program must be selected very watchfully because you need a program designed by a trainer or fitness expert who knows all the basics of weight training. ‘Turbulence Training Program’ is the most popular and highly recommended workout system for both men and women. With this revolutionary system, you can now gain muscle and burn fat at the same time.

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Monday, March 16, 2009

The Best Workout Program to Build Muscle

Nowadays refreshment centers are popular at gyms where members can sip carrot juice, enjoy whole wheat sandwiches or nibble on an energy bar after a strenuous workout. Refreshment centers at gyms offer fresh juices like orange, watermelon and other seasonal fruits. Yoghurt smoothies are very popular among many gym members. Sandwiches and wheat crackers which carry labels indicating the number of calories per serving are also very popular. Low fat bread, banana, apple cakes are also available in many gyms.

Many of the gym members have tight work or parenting schedules and often need something light to eat while on the run. Most office canteens and regular hotels serve greasy food, so the refreshment bars offering diet foods have become very popular. Certain gyms which have a health center attached to the gym offer only juice and protein drinks. Papaya, carrot, beetroot, orange, mango juices and energy drinks are the choices offered. Banana juice is offered in some gyms for weight gain. Most of the refreshment centers in gyms aim at offering a low calories fat-free food to its members. Some gyms employ dietitians who design diet foods for the gym members.

Weight loss and weight gain foods are designed by dieticians. Salads, fruits, sandwiches, protein shakes made of skimmed milk and dry fruit are offered in such gyms. Many gym goers find refreshment centers an ideal place as they offer workout diet food and a platform to relax before a hectic day begins.

It is very clear that your diet is a key factor in making your body fit and active. Eating high fat foods is an invitation to several health problems. In order to build muscle and burn fat at the same time, you need a right combination of diet and workout program.

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